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June 2004 Ageless herbal newsletter

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Antioxidant and free radicals

Antioxidant is a term used to describe all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that prevent free radical damage in the human body.

To understand the indispensable use and function of antioxidants, we need to understand what "free radicals" are and why they have a negative effect on our bodies.

Free radicals are an atom or group of atoms containing at least one unpaired electron. An electron is a particle that is normally paired with another electron. When electrons are paired, a negative charge is created, and this is considered a stable arrangement.

But when an electron becomes unpaired, it becomes unstable, and immediately bonds with another molecule to try to rectify the balance. This action sets of a chain reaction which creates "free radicals".

It is normal to have free radicals in the body; normal breathing and exercise, and other natural biochemical processes create free radicals, but excessive free radicals cause damage to our cells and can even damage the "blue-print" of our cells - the DNA contained in every cell. When the DNA is damaged, new cells may contain genetically incorrect details, and this can ultimately result in cancer.

Research proves that free radicals damage the cell membrane, and a link exists between the presence of excessive free radicals and cell dehydration and damage to the DNA.

The body produces antioxidants to combat free radicals, but since modern-day living causes far more free radicals than fifty years ago, and because our diets lack enough raw fruit and vegetables - high in antioxidants - most of us need to take supplemental antioxidants.

The build-up of free radicals leads to ill health, saps our vitality and makes us age faster. Free radicals can also contribute to degenerative diseases, such as senile dementia and osteoporosis.

As we have pointed out, free radicals are normally created by breathing and exercise, but our modern lifestyle has introduced many other sources, exposure to which should be eradicated or drastically reduced: fried foods, commercial food additives, abnormal ozone levels, pesticides, polluted air, sunlight (ultra violet radiation), tobacco smoke and x-rays.

Good sources of antioxidants would include the following: dark green vegetables, root vegetables, fruits (particularly berries and citrus - blackberries and bilberries are very high in antioxidants), nuts, tofu, chickpeas, seafood, meat, chicken and fish.

Most fruits, nuts and vegetables, should be eaten raw, as cooking destroys or decreases the beneficial effect. Meat, seafood, chicken and fish should not be fried, for the same reason.

Antioxidants have a positive effect on acne, ageing skin, heart problems, bowel problems, circulatory problems, colds, flu, fatigue, mouth ulcers, gingivitis, injuries, male infertility, memory loss, piles, smoking related problems, varicose veins, and stress related problems.

When suffering from any of these problems it is a good idea to supplement or increase your intake of antioxidants. Antioxidants boost the immune system. People who are HIV positive, or suffer from any chronic disease or immune system deficiency, must ensure that enough antioxidants are taken, either through eating enough of the correct foods, or by taking a supplement.

Patchouli essential oil (Pogostemon cablin) antioxidants free radicals body metabolism cause free radicals that cause aging illness disease antioxidants fight the free radicals and protect the cells and DNA it boost immune system help cancers HIV AIDS patchouli essential oil oriental spicy smell exotic smell skin patch test

The smell of patchouli oil brings the mind back to the hippy era. It was in the 60s and 70s that the free thinkers of the Aquarius age broke the mold, and started experimenting with different aromas. Patchouli, along with sandalwood and jasmine, turned out to be a favorite choice, particularly in Britain, and was used to odorize, as incense and perfume.

Women used sachets of patchouli scented potpourri in their cupboards to scent their clothes, and patchouli was a main ingredient in incense sticks and the fumes were found wafting through many "groovy" homes.

patchouli essential oil

Come to think of it, the indications for patchouli oil really seem to suit the hippy era. This is confirmed by Patricia Davis, author of a well known book called "Subtle Aromatherapy," who suggests that patchouli is good for- "dreamers and people who tend to neglect or feel detached from their bodies." She continues by saying that people who are on a spiritual path and are placing an undue share of importance on their mental/psychic experiences to the detriment of their physical wellbeing should use patchouli essential oil.

The name "patchouli" ("patch" meaning leaf and "ilia" meaning green) originates from Hindustan (India) and the patchouli plant, known as "puchaput" in India, has been used for ages in Malaysia, China, India and Japan as an antidote to snakebite.

In the East, patchouli leaves or oil are placed between bed sheets to keep bedbugs away, and it is a combination of camphor and patchouli that gives Indian ink its characteristic smell.

The British discovered patchouli oil in the 1820s when imported Indian cashmere shawls were in popular demand. The shawls were shipped from India after dried patchouli leaves had been placed in-between the folds of the shawls (this was done to protect the shawls from moths).

The scent of patchouli became so synonymous with the shawls, that when British manufacturers tried to cash in on the craze, they were unable to sell their locally made shawls because they didn't smell like the patchouli scented Indian shawls. They were forced to scent the shawls with patchouli before they would sell.

Patchouli oil is made from the young dried leaves of the patchouli plant, which are fermented and then dried prior to steam distillation.

Patchouli has a strong, earthy, musty and spicy smell, and is used for its base note in many perfumes with an Oriental or exotic smell. The smell or aroma is reported to improve with age, and this attribute has been compared to that of a good wine improving as it matures.

Patchouli has a deep reddish-brown color and is very similar to myrrh and benzoin oil in color and consistency, and is a thick oil.

Besides having properties that are reported to be useful for "grounding our spirits" and helping us to achieve balance between reality and the psychic realm, as mentioned above, patchouli also has many down to earth practical uses which are listed below:

  • Vaporizers and burners
    • Patchouli oil can be used in burners and vaporizers for obesity, anxiety and as an insect repellent. The aroma of patchouli is said to make the mind sharper and to help with clarity of thought.
  • Blended oil or in a bath
    • Patchouli oil can be blended as massage oil or diluted in a bath for constipation, dermatitis, overweight, anxiety and dandruff.
  • Neat application
    • A very small amount of patchouli oil can be used neat on insect bites.
  • Lotions and creams
    • In a lotion or cream, patchouli oil is excellent for general skin care, dermatitis, athletes' foot, eczema, acne and sores.
patchouli essential oil

Safetyantioxidants free radicals body metabolism cause free radicals that cause aging illness disease antioxidants fight the free radicals and protect the cells and DNA it boost immune system help cancers HIV AIDS patchouli essential oil oriental spicy smell exotic smell skin patch test

Patchouli oil is generally held as being non-irritant, non-toxic and non-sensitizing, but general safety precautions should be maintained when you use this oil.

Do not apply undiluted to the skin. Essential oil should be diluted in carrier oil or other suitable base before being applied to the skin. A skin patch test should be performed before using an essential oil for the first few times.

Not to be taken internally unless under advice from a trusted practitioner. All essential oils are potentially toxic if ingested, and should be kept in a safe place, out of the reach of children and irresponsible people.

  • For more information on patchouli oil, many other essential oils and interesting information on how to make your own blends, creams etc please visit

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Articles of interest

Ageless herbal product range

Our Ageless herbal product range

Skin care

  • Healing cream
    • To assist in wound healing while soothing skin complaints – such as eczema and psoriasis, acne and piles and moisturizing and protecting the skin. This product has shown its effectiveness over a wide range of problems and judging from sales over more than a decade – it is the trusted healing cream to help with all mishaps, allergic reactions, irritated, burning, itchy and uncomfortable skin conditions.
  • Face wash
    • This face wash will properly clean your face and remove all impurities and environmental pollutants, without drying the skin. It contains eight herbal extracts to help promote a clear, vital and healthy complexion and a younger looking skin.
  • Moisturizing day cream
    • This day cream is formulated to help fight the signs of aging on various fronts. It helps to reduce free radical damage which, if left unchecked, leads to premature aging. The herbal extracts help to promote cell rejuvenation and regeneration and provide moisture and hydration to the skin.
  • Nourishing night cream
    • This nourishing night cream penetrates the skin extremely well and does not make the skin feel oily. It contains a host of herbal extracts to help in the fight against premature aging and has added vitamin E as well. Apart from the moisturizing effect and the anti-aging properties it also softens and smoothes the skin.
  • Eye gel
    • An effective refreshing eye gel to help reduce puffiness and dark rings around the eyes, while fighting wrinkles and lines. This is a very clever combination of herbal extracts and the base formula has its roots in a clinically proven formula.
  • Mud face mask
    • With this skin treatment product we combined a special selection of herbs in a base of thermal mud with oligoelements. This recommended weekly treatment will boost circulation to the skin, help to fight wrinkles and lines, improve firmness while at the same time improving suppleness and elasticity of the skin.


Hair care

  • Shampoo with rosemary extract + 7 other herbals
    • Our shampoo is in a class of its own – and granted – it is far more expensive than cheap supermarket shampoos, but no other shampoo has the active ingredients we have in our shampoo. The rosemary will boost the health of the hair and scalp, while the other seven herbal extracts will help strengthen the hair and make it shine, increase the volume and make it manageable.
  • Rosemary hair treatment conditioner
    • We have found that this hair conditioner should really be used as a conditioning treatment. This then removes the need to condition the hair every time you wash – and can be used once a month. It is a superb hair tonic and helps in the control of sebum secretion of the scalp. Although not formulated for dandruff – the ingredients will assist with this as well, while supporting the health of the scalp.


Specialized herbal gels and lotions

  • Hand and body lotion
    • When formulating this hand and body lotion we created a rich nourishing, protecting and reviving lotion, which will not leave the skin oily or tacky, but will create a well moisturized, hydrated and supple skin. After applying this lotion it will quickly be absorbed by the skin, leaving it silky soft, smooth and well moisturized.
  • Stretch mark gel
    • Although nothing can remove already formed stretch marks (only surgery can do that) – thousands of satisfied clients confirm that this gel improves the appearance of old stretch marks. The gel will help in PREVENTING stretch marks (a 92% success rate) and is used with great success by expectant mothers and body builders who may form marks when bulking-up. The formula of this gel is based on clinical studies done in France, to which we added other herbal extracts.
  • Cellulite gel
    • Fighting cellulite is easy with this herbal cellulite gel. It contains a patented extract of Bayberry (Myriceline) and nine other plant extracts and essential oils. The gel will help to get rid of cellulite (which has been clinically proven) and will also help to prevent cellulite from forming. So now it is easy to get your soft body contours back again.


Herbal supplements

  • Apple cider vinegar (liquid) with Centella asiatica
    • The health benefits of apple cider vinegar are combined with the therapeutic properties of Centella asiatica. This old folk remedy is still used with great effect by thousands of people daily.
  • Digest capsules
    • If your digestive system is under-par and you struggle with constipation or you simply need to boost the health of your digestive system then this capsule is for you. Fenugreek is a general digestive tonic and psyllium is a magical bulking agent that will help proper bowel movements, without using a laxative.
  • Detox capsules
    • Our modern day lifestyle exposes us to many unwanted additive and our diet also places stress on the body. To help the body get rid of toxins and waste materials naturally we combined fennel, basil, celery and parsley to help the body remove these toxins. It peps-up your metabolism and helps the bladder, kidneys and liver to do their work more effectively.
  • Urinary and bladder health capsules
    • Using an all natural approach, our capsules will help the discomfort and burning urine sensation of urinary tract infection and help clear up foul smelling urine. We combined cranberry, dandelion, uva ursi and vitamin C in a single capsule to effectively fight bladder infections and to stop the burning sensation when urinating.
  • Tri- Mushroom blend capsules
    • If you need an immune system boost then have a look at our combination of maitake, reishi and shiitake mushrooms. These mushrooms have showed to be a great help in boosting the immune system – and form a good nutritional supplement support for HIV/Aids patients and people receiving chemotherapy. Any person with even a slightly compromised immune system may benefit from this supplement.
  • Olive leaf extract capsules
    • This natural detoxifier helps with a variety of ailments and people with chronic fatigue syndrome, infections, glandular fever (Epstein Barr), and even candida and herpes have found it of value. Olive leaf extract helps to fight bacteria, viruses, retroviruses, and protozoa and yeast strains. Apart from fighting all of these problems it also helps to improve kidney function and fights free radicals.
  • Sexual supplement (previously known as Vuka Nkuzi)
    • Men normally don’t admit when they have a declining libido although it is a most common problem. We combine in this supplement seven different natural ingredients to boost sexual health – without any side effects often experienced with such medication. After more than a decade, and thousands of regular Vuka Nkuzi clients we still offer this well priced supplement to boost the libido.


Other products

  • Jojoba oil
    • This liquid golden ester not only moisturizes and penetrates the skin but also helps to fight wrinkles and lines while promoting a clear and unblemished skin. Jojoba does not clog the pores but helps to restore skin elasticity and smoothness. It will leave the skin supple and velvety soft without any oiliness and can be used neat on the skin.
  • Almond oil
    • This light and deeply moisturizing oil has a softening effect on the skin and can be used on the face and body. Almond oil has excellent emollient properties and helps to balance water and moisture loss in the skin. It can be used neat on the skin and also makes an excellent massage base.

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