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Stop the allergies that cause puffy eyes

Certain allergic reactions can cause irritated and puffy eyes, and for this reason we developed our Herbal Eye Gel to alleviate and help stop allergies that cause puffy eyes. At the same time it will help fight fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet and what we so loving call "character lines".

stop allergies that cause puffy eyes

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There are several other reasons why the eyes could look puffy and we include the information below to help you fight this problem.

Allergies causing puffy eyes

We must keep in mind that the skin around your eye area is the most fragile and thinnest in the entire body, and for this reason, it must be treated with the utmost care.

Our Ageless Eye Gelis the favorite treatment for a selection of problems in the area around the eyes, as it contains butcher's broom, centella, camomile, cornflower, green tea, horsetail, lady's mantle, ivy, organic vegetable protein from germinated wheat seeds and rosehip.

For allergy protection it is formulated to be hypo-allergenic and is perfectly pH balanced and made from the purest natural ingredients.

It helps to re-vitalize the connective tissue in this area and helps the production of new elastin and collagen for a smooth youthful looking skin around your eyes.

Its cooling and soothing action on the skin is most valuable when applying it to the skin around the eyes - especially when the eyes have had an allergic reaction to a specific allergen, or if you continuously have allergy prone eyes.

If you are very prone to allergies, it is the best to avoid all allergen triggers - although that is physically not possible, unless you want to live in a climate controlled little bubble.

Antihistamines stop allergies puffy eyes watery sore cause puffiness eye

People do find that taking 10 mg of loratadine daily is of great benefit to keep allergies under control.

It is a tricyclic antihistamine drug used to treat allergies and differs from other antihistamines due to the fact that it does not have a sedating effect. It is marketed under several names such as Claritin, Clarityne, Claritin-D, Claritine, Lorfast, Lomilan, Symphoral, Tidilor etc – depending on the manufacturer.

Loratidine is also available as a generic pill and some manufacturers combine it with pseudoephedrine – in countries where it is allowed.

Although it is a very effective antihistamine it does have potential side-effects of insomnia, nervousness, and anxiety and should be used with care in epileptic patients and people with liver problems.

In Britain and the United States it is the only drug of its class available to consumers without prescription and can be bought "over-the-counter" (OTC). If you are in any doubt about this medication please discuss it with your medical practitioner.

The writer has suffered from allergies, rhinitis etc from birth – and find that if he takes 10mg of loratadine every night, the symptoms are far less. To experiment with the effectiveness of loratadine he stopped taking it for some time, and found that the allergic symptoms re-appeared within a couple of days after stopping the drug.

A supplement that can be of benefit to allergy patients is vitamin C - also known as ascorbic acid.

Paul Linus, although winning the Nobel prize, is still regarded with some disbelief by "modern medical practitioners" about his views on vitamin C and the ways in which vitamin C can benefit the body in a variety of ways.

Although we are not a medical site, we, like Paul Linus believe in the benefit of vitamin C - and especially when looking to fight allergies.

Several studies have shown that vitamin C increases serum levels of antibodies (that is the specialized proteins produced by the white blood cells (lymphocytes) that recognize and bind to foreign proteins or pathogens to neutralize them or mark them for destruction) which is of value in fighting allergies.

Prinz W, Bloch J, Gilich G, Mitchell G. A systematicstudy of the effect of vitamin C supplementation on the humoral immuneresponse in ascorbate-dependent mammals. I. The antibody response tosheep red blood cells (a T-dependent antigen) in guinea pigs. Int J Vitam Nutr Res. 1980;50(3):294-300.

Feigen GA, Smith BH, Dix CE, et al. Enhancement of antibody production and protection against systemic anaphylaxis by large oses of vitamin C. Res Commun Chem Pathol Pharmacol. 1982;38(2):313-333.

Apart from the symptomatic relief that vitamin C may have - it is also required by the skin to manufacture collagen - the foundation of the skin. If vitamin C is lacking in the body (and the body cannot manufacture its own vitamin C) then collagen cannot be formed, and over time will affect the firmness and tonality of your skin.

Soothing the eyes stop allergies puffy eyes watery sore cause puffiness eye

Some people believe that placing sliced figs or thin slices of cucumber on the eyes will help to soothe and calm irritated and puffy eyes or when your eyes have had an allergic reaction.

This should actually not be done, as a large percentage of people are allergic to cucumber  as well as fig, when placed over the eyes, and will worsen the allergic reaction of the eyes.

Rather try the following refreshing treatment

  • Treatment 1
    • Take two medium size pieces of cotton wool (cotton wool eye pads) and soak them in rose water (an inexpensive product that you can buy at the pharmacy / chemist / drug store), then place the pads over your closed eyelids, while lying down.
    • If doing this during the day, close your drapes/curtains. If doing this at night, switch off your lights.
    • Doing this in the dark really gives you a relaxing break. Lie back and listen to relaxing music. Relax for at least 20 – 30 minutes – or 10 minutes if you want to fit this into a tea break.
  • Treatment 2
    • Another soothing way to relieve the tiredness, is to take two teabags, place in a cup and pour boiling water over them.
    • Remove the bags with a spoon after the tealeaves start giving off their color, and place them in a saucer.
    • Cover the teabags with plastic kitchen wrap, to prevent them drying out, and place in your refrigerator to cool down.
    • After they have cooled down, (but NOT icy cold - as that may cause damage to your eyes) remove from the fridge and place on your closed eyelids, and relax as described above.

Fluid retention stop allergies puffy eyes watery sore cause puffiness eye

When the tissues retain too much fluid, the eyes can also look puffy - and can mimic the way that "allergic eyes" would look like.

Should this be the case you will have to consider your general health and any other underlying medical conditions.

Diuretic pills, to remove excess water from your body, can be helpful, but some people do have unwanted side effects from them.

Vitamin C (again!) is a natural diuretic and an increase in this vitamin will not only assist in removing excess water from your body, but will also assist with collagen formation as discussed above.

If you are ingesting a lot of salt, either directly or indirectly, it could add to your problem with water retention.

Try and cut down on eating raw salt, and check food labels as well, as processed food can contain large amounts of salt – check for "sodium" on the label.

Smoke and environmental allergens stop allergies puffy eyes watery sore cause puffiness eye

Secondary smoke can irritate your eyes, turning them bloodshot and watery, and can also manifest by your eyes swelling up.

If it is another environmental trigger, try and remove or distance yourself as far as possible from the trigger, but should that not be possible, then look at some form of antihistamine to help you.

Perfumes, after-shaves and eau-de-colognes as well as highly fragranced facial creams, can also trigger an allergic response and even popular room freshening apparatus can cause a reaction.

Allergies seem to be more and more prevalent in modern society and may be due to our un-healthy, over-populated, over-stressed, over-preserved over-processed and unhealthy lifestyles.

The are many stressors and triggers around and the body can sometimes simply not cope with the large amount of allergens and gives up the fight, and respond with an allergic conditions.

But be this as it may – your eye problem may be indicative of some allergen that you are either surrounded by, or are ingesting. You may not have a major medical reaction to an allergen, such as wheezing, coughing, sneezing or a closed chest - you could simple have a slightly stuffy nose most of the times.

Tests can be done to determine environmental or food allergies with a simple skin patch test, a blood test or more alternative types of testing, such as a muscle resistant test or a heart pulse test.

If you have any of these tests done, and they come up positive for any item that you could avoid as far as possible, go the extra mile and try to cut the allergen out of your sphere of living – be that either environmental or type of foodstuff.

Environmental allergies are sometimes difficult to fight – if you suffer from a dust mite allergy for instance, you will have to ensure that your house is virtually dust proof, and that all drapes, mattresses, carpets and all other soft furnishings are treated with a mite and dust controlling solution, and that air conditioning filters are kept spotlessly clean.

If you are allergic to seasonal items, such as pollen, you could ask your medical practitioner for assistance during that time, with an allergy-fighting drug of some sort – but be careful of medication containing cortisone – as this ingredient may cause more problems than what it solves.

Our Ageless herbal Eye Gel stop allergies puffy eyes watery sore cause puffiness eye

We have been selling our effective Ageless herbal Eye Gel for more than a decade and thousands of people attest to the excellent quality and effectiveness of this eye gel to soothe and calm the eyes while fighting premature aging.

eye allergy puffy eyes soothe calm eyes

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