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Anti-Aging Capsules

When we briefed our formulating team to start working on an anti-aging capsule, the main focus of the research was to develop a supplement that would look after the way you look, keep you looking young, improve your complexion, reduce wrinkles and fine lines and create a healthier more vital looking skin. Yet - the end result is far far more than that, and we believe that we have created the very best anti-aging supplement on the market today.

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Lets first get the economics out the way - it is not the cheapest capsule around, and many people have tried to make knock-off copies of it, yet nobody has achieved our level of excellence, and unfortunately the ingredients, at the concentrations used, work out rather costly.

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Ingredients and their actions anti-aging capsule

The formula may look very simple - yet every ingredient has a variety of benefits which we will list under each ingredient. For more information regarding every fact, please visit the hyperlink provided.


visible reduction of fine wrinkles on skin

Astaxanthin by AstaRealanti-aging capsule

This ingredient is obtained from marine algae and is included at 200 mg of a 2% extract - giving you the therapeutic quantity of 4 mg per day. The benefits above are all very well documented, and AstaReal holds world patents on most of these applications.

Resveratrol anti-aging capsule

We use a 99% pure extract of resveratrol - at 100 mg per dosage - which is 100 times more than most other supplements, since they use a 10% extract at 10 mg - giving 1 mg. We therefore provide you with a therapeutic dose of resveratrol - to enable the ingredient to do the work it was cut out to do.

Grape seed extract anti-aging capsule

This pure 95% extract is far more than just a super anti-oxidant and the benefits are listed below.

Piperine (BioPerine®) anti-aging capsule

  • Helps improve the absorption of nutrients
    • The main reason why we included BioPerine into this formulation is to maximize the absorption of the other ingredients used to fight aging. Clinical studies have shown a staggering increase in the absorption of nutrients when piperine was available - and since our anti-aging ingredients are expensive, we wanted to ensure that the body absorbs the maximum it can.
  • Colon health and enhancing cognitive functioning
    • In other studies it was shown that piperine has a positive effect on the colon and colon problems and also influenced the brain functioning - thereby improving cognitive functioning. Although we site hundreds of studies, more human trials are required to claim these benefits.
  • Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-allergic effect
    • Apart from this, scientists have also looked at the positive effect that piperine effected on bacterial infection, fighting inflammation and having an anti-allergenic effect on the body.

Testimonials anti-aging capsule

  • I was one of the trail volunteers, and had elevated cholesterol, and although the researchers looked at the anti-aging effects of the capsules - which was absolutely astounding - it also made my cholesterol drop from 6.6 to 5.2 - without medication or change in diet. In general it made me feel great and years younger.
    • Duane M - Pretoria
  • My family is involved with the company developing this capsule, and although I was not looking for anti-aging, but more to fight eye fatigue since I work as program developer in an IT company - this capsule not only relieved my eye fatigue, but I AM looking younger as well.
    • Pieter T - Sandton

Dosage anti-aging capsule

One capsule is taken daily with a little bit of water with your main meal to facilitate the best possible absorption.

Buying our Anti-Aging Capsules anti-aging capsule

Click Here to BUY:

   $65.00 for 30 capsules

  ZAR 370.00 for 30 capsules


  • A safe natural supplement to help fight the signs and symptoms of aging.
  • Easy and convenient once-a-day capsule.
  • Formula is manufactured from all natural ingredients.
  • The capsule is made from vegetable source (Vegicaps™) - so people not taking gelatin for religious or dietary reasons can use this supplement.
  • Measurable results are seen and felt after taking capsules for 5 weeks.
  • Has no undesirable side-effects.


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