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Cellulite diet - help prevent cellulite with correct eating

The word "diet" does not necessarily imply to eat this or that for breakfast or to exclude one or two items, but can, as on this page, rather indicate which kind of foods to eat less of, and which foods to eat more regularly.

cellulite diet get rid of cellulite permanently

on this page

  1. Iodine in the diet and health of your thyroid gland
  2. Weight loss
  3. Planning your cellulite diet
  4. Foods to include in your diet
  5. Foods that you should limit in your diet to fight cellulite
  6. Foods to avoid totally
  7. General tips
  8. Conclusion to your cellulite diet
selluliet dieet

We sell a most effective cream, which will rid your body of unsightly cellulite without changing your lifestyle.

A change in lifestyle can however prevent cellulite from forming again.

To follow a specific way of eating, or diet, to help with cellulite, does not only involve weight loss, but rather minimize the amount of toxins and wastes that your food intake can cause.

Iodine in the diet and health of your thyroid gland

With a diet for cellulite a person would also endeavor to include as many as possible iodine rich foods, since iodine is required for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.

Iodine is required by the gland to manufacture thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) which is required for normal body functions.

It is essential for the regulation of energy, protein synthesis, blood cholesterol levels, carbohydrate absorption and conversion of carotene to vitamin A.

In Japan, where the daily intake of iodine is about 0.5 - 1.0 mg per day, the incidence of goiter - the non-functioning of the thyroid gland - is the lowest in the world.


Weight loss got to top of cellulite diet page

If you are looking at weight-loss, then look at a diet which will steadily make you lose weight - and not a quick-fix fad diet that will make your body weight yo-yo - as this would cause your cellulite to show even more.

Before changing your diet to a healthier alternative, it may be worth your while to go on a short detox diet, which will give your body a breather to adapt to new eating habits.


Planning your cellulite diet

When planning your diet around the loss of cellulite, the following items must be kept in mind.

Food to include in your diet got to top of cellulite diet page

Fresh fruit

Water-rich fruits such as melon or cantaloupe (spanspek) are great for a quick snack and because of the high water content are great to boost detoxification.

Other fruits to include in your diet are bananas, strawberries, grapes and pears.


Steamed, raw in salads, stir-fry or slightly cooked.

Thinly sliced or grated raw vegetables make a crunchy ingredient to salads and because no cooking is involved, none of the nutrients are damaged or boiled away.

Vegetables to include are radishes, asparagus, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, leeks, artichokes, turnips, onions, watercress, string beans, mushrooms and lettuce.

It is best to use fresh vegetables, since even frozen vegetables are processed to a degree in order to freeze them - and compounds, such as monosodium glutamate (a type of salt) may be added to them in this process.

Juices - vegetable and fruit

Some great vegetable juices can be made with a juice extractor, but should you buy ready-made juices, be sure to check the ingredients.

Although fruit juices are refreshing and energy boosting, try and limit the amount of fruit juice per day, as it is high in sugars.


The rule of 6-8 glasses a day still remains a good rule-of-thumb.

If you rather want to work out a more personalized requirement take your body weight and divide by eight (if in kilos) to get to the recommended amount of glasses per day - (divide by 18 if your weight is in pounds).

Some people complain that they do not like the taste of water, and should that be the case with you, add a dash of lemon juice or a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar to the water to just add some sort of flavoring.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not take any fluids during your meal - this interferes with your gastric juices and proper digestion of your food.

We know that it is customary to have a cup of tea or coffee after a meal - but try and stretch the time after your meal to having a drink - the optimum time would be about 2 hours after your meal. Should this prove impossible to do, then try for the longest break possible.


Eggs are high in protein and are easy to prepare but have them boiled or poached and rather stay away from preparing them fried in butter, margarine or oil.


Some people stay away from cheese during diets, but here cheese can be used, but opt for the low fat types.

Cottage cheese made from skimmed milk contains about 4 grams (0.14 oz) of fat per 100 grams (3.5 oz) while regular cheddar contains about 32 grams (1.13 oz) of fat per 100 grams (3.5 oz).


The trend is to always use skimmed milk when on diet, and although the fat content of the milk does make a difference, the blue shade of skim milk makes it extremely unattractive.

If you feel can stomach low-fat or non-fat milk, rather use it, since it would be best, but if you would rather use normal milk, try to contain the amount used as the fat content can be high (3.5 grams - 0.123 oz per 100 gm - about ˝ cup).


People tend to think that yogurt can only be eaten when sweetened and all types of extras added, but a cup of plain Bulgarian or Swiss type yogurt, with some honey if you need some sweetness, is a great way to beat the hunger pangs and to provide nutrition to the body.

Fish, Poultry and Meat

If you eat fish, poultry and meat, try and eat in moderation, and always remove poultry skin as it is very high in fat.

All fat must be trimmed from meat as well.

If you feel that the chicken is tasteless when prepared without the skin, by all means prepare the chicken with the skin intact, but make sure to remove the skin before serving, and remove the temptation to have some during your meal.

All meat, poultry or fish should be prepared by roasting or broiling.

Seafood, which is high in iodine and therefore boosts the thyroid gland is a good choice to include in your meals.

If you do not eat any animal protein, then use a vegetable protein source such as soy or tofu to supply your body with the required protein.

If you are not vegetarian, you may want to try it for a time, as most people switching to a vegetarian diet feel that they have far more energy and experience less bloating or an excessively "full" feeling.

There are various vegetarian cookbooks available which can help you make vegetarian cooking a very interesting experience.


Food that you should limit in your diet to fight cellulite got to top of cellulite diet page

Bread and starches

If you do not have a weight problem, then you could use bread and pastas in moderation in your diet, but if you are at the same time trying to lose excess weight, try to cut this out.

The theory exists, and was promoted by Michael Meyer, that proteins and carbohydrates should not be combined in one meal - a theory that Michael Meyer had successfully proven over many years.

This differs totally from the Atkins diet, where Dr. Atkins promoted the idea of a very high protein diet.

Michael Meyer always maintained for decades that only eating proteins would be unhealthy, a fact that has now been proven to be correct.

He was one of the directors of Ageless and our holding company Sallamander Concepts.

Tinned food

Tinned foods may be handy, but since they need to be processed and preserved, a lot of the nutritional content is lost, and a host of other unwanted chemicals are ingested, and best not taken when trying to lose cellulite.

Prepared food

With our fast-paced living it is so much easier to get something to eat on your way home, but these ready prepared foods contain high amounts of fats and since you do not always know what was used in preparing them, it is best to rather spend the time and make food yourself - it also works better for your finances.


Our bodies need salt to perform normally, and without it, we may feel less than perfect and develop a whole range of health problems.

Salt - normal sodium chloride is an electrolyte and is essential in controlling osmotic water control in the body and other processes, but luckily this compound is supplied in abundance by nature and no need for extra salt is really required.

Excess salt may however contribute to water retention as well as blood pressure problems and should be limited when getting rid of cellulite.

If you feel the need to add some zest to your food - look at adding some herbs instead.

Most foods naturally contain salt and some everyday items actually have a very high salt content and should be used sparingly.

The items include : stock cubes, catsup, prepared horseradish, instant vegetable broths, meat tenderizers, olives, pickles, tomato paste and Worcestershire sauce.

Coffee and tea

As stated previously - do not have any fluids with a meal or directly after a meal. When on a cellulite elimination diet, try and restrict your intake of both coffee and tea to two cups per day. It would be better if not taken at all, but you may feel that you cannot face the day without these beverages.

Should you be able to switch to herbal teas, it would be better, but please DO NOT use laxative teas - they are NOT recommended. Please read the information page about constipation.


Foods to avoid totally got to top of cellulite diet page

The following items have been listed as foods to rather avoid altogether when fighting cellulite, as they are believed to create a large amount of toxins in the body while being digested.

  • salami, pastrami and all other highly processed meats
  • potato chips and French fries
  • mayonnaise and dips
  • pork and bacon
  • sausage - including Frankfurters, chipolatas and Vienna's
  • peanut butter
  • olives, crackers and pretzels
  • any prepared or smoked meats - including corned beef
  • chocolate or any product using chocolate
  • cream - fresh or canned
  • alcohol - spirits, wine and beer (NO - not even your one glass of wine at night!)
  • sardines, caviar and anchovies
  • catsup and gravies
  • roasted and salted nuts (fresh nuts out of the shell - in moderation is in order)
  • popcorn
  • any canned foods
  • sundaes, malts, shakes and sodas
  • ice-cream and baked deserts

General tips got to top of cellulite diet page

When eating, try and chew your food properly before swallowing - this not only helps the digestive system, but is also required for some nutrients to be absorbed properly.

Try and have an enjoyable and relaxing time when eating without added stress of typing on a computer, talking on the phone, watching TV or helping your kids with their homework - when you eat, eat.

Try and have your meals at regular times. Although this may not always be possible, try and plan your day in such a way that meals are taken at the same time of the day each day.

If you are taking any vitamin or dietary supplements, take them at mealtimes as the absorption is far better when taken with food.

If in doubt check the label or check with the supplier. In this instance you can break the "rule" of no fluids at mealtimes, but then only have enough fluid to take your supplements with.


Conclusion to your cellulite diet got to top of cellulite diet page

Limiting your diet to certain foods is difficult - and for this reason people advertising pills that allow you to eat what you want, when you want, and still retain a beautiful body is popular, and these unscrupulous firms make a lot of money on the Achilles' heel of people.

If you want to be honest about it - do you really think that a pill will be the miracle to sort out the food ingredients in your stomach and allow only the good ones from entering your system?

Will this pill only get rid of the bad fats, while allowing the fats that are essential to your well-being to enter your system?

No - unfortunately you need to take responsibility for your actions.

Although society has changed in the last couple of decades where consumers expect someone else to take responsibility, the fact still remains that:

you are responsible for yourself

So if you want to achieve this great looking body, our Cellumend will remove and prevent it, but you need to make lifestyle changes if you do not want to have a recurrence of this.

Fight cellulite the holistic way got to top of cellulite diet page

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