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What is cellulite?

To understand the problem of cellulite you need to look at the skin and the way in which it is made up.

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We have tried to give a complete explanation on what cellulite is, and trust that this will dispel some of the myths surrounding this nagging problem.

The composition of the skin cellulite

The outside epidermis covers the inner dermis which contains blood vessels, hair follicles, nerve receptors and connective tissue which forms the support and which contains collagen.

Below the connective tissue you find layers of subcutaneous fat and it is here where the problem starts.

In females this fat is stacked in vertical chambers which slightly protrude into the dermis and it is these uneven protrusions that cause the well known orange peel effect when the chambers become extended and less pliable.

The fat cells in males are stacked in a different configuration, and for this reason, men are not as susceptible to cellulite - coupled to the fact that their epidermis and dermal layers are normally thicker than female's.

Coupled to problems such as inefficient waste removal from the cells in this region, as well as less than perfect circulation, this would result in an accumulation of wastes, and enlargement of the adipocytes, which now, with nowhere else to go, will extend to, will press to the top, and will cause the much feared look of cellulite.

Age and cellulite cellulite

There are no hard and fast rules, and cellulite can start to develop as early as age 15 years and would normally get worse as you get older.

The reason why it gets worse with age is four-fold:

  • As we age the skin gets thinner, and this makes the cellulite even more visible. 

  • Skin compactness and tone decreases as we age, and this loosening of the skin due to the collagen being less firm, will allow more and more of the adipocytes (adipose fat cells) to press toward the skin surface. 

  • With the passage of time, our bodies become less efficient in dealing with the removal of waste products and circulation may also decrease - both factors will contribute to the development of cellulite. 

  • For various reasons, we tend to pick-up weight as we age, and this will increase the problem - and for this reason body fat mass must also be checked.

For all the above reasons we subjected our formula to clinical trials to tests its effectiveness on different parameters - to access the results please click here.

Overweight and cellulite cellulite

You do not need to be overweight to have cellulite - as it is not as such a weight problem, but a combined dilemma of increased adipocyte cells, waste accumulation and inadequate circulation.

Should you be overweight the cellulite will be more visible, but even when you have a very slim body, you may still have cellulite.

When you go on diet, you may lose weight, but this will not necessarily mean that the adipocyte chambers will disappear, and when going on fad quick-weight-loss diets, your cellulite problem may even appear worse than before, since the excess weight has been shed, but the fat cells in the connective tissue are still pushing up, as they have not had the time nor the opportunity to empty themselves from the excess fat and wastes that created the cellulite problem in the first place.

If overweight is your main problem, it would be best to go on a sensible diet to get rid of the excess weight and to tackle the cellulite problem at the same time.

Using slimming products that contain stimulants can increase your cellulite problem, as they may cause toxins to form. 

Types of cellulite cellulite

There are two types of cellulite - hard and soft cellulite.

When pinching or compressing the skin tissue between thumb and forefinger and you get the characteristic dimpling effect, it is referred to as soft cellulite or status protrusus cutis. This type of cellulite is also normally sensitive.

After progressing through this stage, you can find hard cellulite or dermo-panniculosis deformans, which needs not to be compressed to show, and is always visible. At this stage the tissues may be flabby but is in most cases no longer sensitive.

Where is cellulite found cellulite

Regular body fat can be found anywhere on the body, whereas cellulite tends to settle on the following areas

  • inner, upper and back of thighs, buttocks and hips

  • upper back below the shoulders

  • ankles and inside and back of upper arms

  • stomach

The reason why cellulite tends to appear more on the hips and thighs is due to the LPL (lipoprotein lipase) enzyme that helps to control the distribution of fat, and tends to be more concentrated in these regions.

Problems with broken blood vessels, spider veins and/or varicose veins may also be experienced where cellulite is present.

Who is prone to cellulite cellulite

Due to the hormonal aspect involved, women are far more likely to get cellulite than men, and men in actual fact rarely suffer from cellulite.

The influences of hereditary and genetic factors have not fully been investigated, but some genetic predisposition may make you more vulnerable to develop cellulite than the next person. 

If your genetic material from Mother or Grandmother makes you a more likely candidate for cellulite, it may be worth your trouble to live a lifestyle that will prevent cellulite as far as possible.

Removal of cellulite cellulite

There are various theories about what is the most effective way to combat this problem, and although a range of miracles have seen the light of day, few have ever delivered any real measurable success.

With Cellumend this has changed since this brilliant formula makes use of certain patented ingredients, it is also formulated in a very unique way to create a cream that assists with all the major systems to combat the problem.

We sell the most effective cellulite cream on the market, which will rid your body of those unsightly lumps, bumps and bulges, but unless you intend using our cream until the end of your days, we do suggest that you alter your lifestyle in certain aspects to prevent cellulite from striking again.

Lifestyle factors will also remove cellulite effectively, and with time and patience excellent results can be obtained. To access all the free information on this, please use the hyperlinks below.

Lifestyle cellulite

We believe that one of the most effective ways to prevent and remove cellulite is through lifestyle changes.


For ways to prevent and fight cellulite you may need to reassess your diet - not so much eating less or starving yourself - but to try and eliminate some foods while increasing your intake of others.

Detox diet cellulite

Although a detox diet will not remove the unwanted cellulite, it is a good way to cleanse your system and get it working properly again.

Exercise cellulite

You need to exercise in some way or another to keep your body working properly, including your lymphatic system, and although you may not want to turn into a gym bunny, you need to look at negating your sedentary lifestyle.


Breathing is not only required for oxygen absorption, but also forms part of the waste removal system of the body. Attending to proper breathing will not only help your body to perform properly, but will also boost your mental wellness.


Although we all need to be active and do some form of exercise, we also need proper relaxation in order to maintain and repair the body. This aspect of our lives is often lacking, even if we take some time out - the time out needs to be quality time and properly planned to some extent.

Massage  cellulite

Massage is a great way to increase circulation to provide proper nutrition to the tissues and to remove waste material, and this, will help with cellulite removal. There are various massage techniques, and we briefly discuss some.

Liposuction cellulite

Although liposuction is a quick-fix to remove fat, the uneven removal may result in even more pronounced cellulite, and as such, is not seen as a method to remove cellulite - yet it is successful to remove fat.

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