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Clinical tests and human trials

There are many cellulite creams, lotions and gels on the market, and although some are helpful to assist in minimizing cellulite, very few have ever scientifically and clinically tested the ingredients for the effectiveness in treating this problem.

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Cellumend is an effective cellulite cream to not only remove cellulite, but also to prevent it.

Liporeductyl, the patented molecule which we use in Cellumend was subjected to tests - both "In vitro" clinical trials on human beings as well as "In vivo" testing on molecular level.

Results of tests done on cellulite

The following results were detailed after the completion of the study, and can be divided as follows:

Notes: effective cellulite cream

  • The instrumental measurements used a STA/BIA instrument, Corneometer as well as a Cutometer - all of which are according to European Union (EU) regulations.
  • The subjective evaluation was conducted by a qualified dermatologist and used the Friedman model for the statistical analysis of non parametric data.
  • The video capillaroscopy used images of the skin which was taken at 200 X magnification which allows for the study of microcirculation as well as the fracture of the polygonal net, capillary splitting and apical micro-aneurysms of ansae.
  • The clinical trials on cellulite were done over a 60 day test period, performed on twenty females aged between 18 and 70 years of age.
  • All the test subjects had cellulite problems and the cream was applied daily to these specific areas:
    • Glute SX 
    • Glute DX 
    • Femoris Post SX 
    • Femoris Post DX 
    • Femoris Ant SX and 
    • Femoris Ant DX

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