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Elastic skin and compactness as evaluated by a dermatologist

The results as determined by the dermatologist, as shown in the graph below, showed that there was a significant variation of skin compactness from the 30th day of treatment which was an index of improved cutaneous tropism. After the 60 day treatment 55% of the patients showed a far more compact and elastic skin.

skin compactness,tone,quality


A score between 1 - 4 was given to the dermatologist's evaluation and a Friedman test 4 was used for the statistical analysis of the non parametric data 3.

Other dermatological evaluations

A dermatologist also did objective evaluations on the following topics when evaluating the effectiveness to remove cellulite of one of our ingredients found in our Cellumend product.

Results of tests done on cellulite

The following results were detailed after the completion of the study, and can be divided as follows:

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