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Friedman test

The clinical trials performed to test the effectiveness of Cellumend for removing cellulite included subjective tests by a dermatologist. The model used for this particular test data was a Friedman test, which is used for the statistical analysis of the nonparametric data.

freiedman test model

Apart from the dermatological test effected, the following tests were also done during the trials:

In vitro

In vivo

Summary of a Friedman test

Friedman's test is a nonparametric test for treatment differences in a randomized complete block design where each block may be a subject or a homogeneous group of subjects.

Should the blocks be groups of subjects, the number of subjects in each block must equal the number of treatments. Treatments are randomly assigned to subjects within each block. If there is one subject per block, then the subjects are repeatedly measured once they are under each treatment. The order of treatments is randomized for each subject.

In this case, Friedman's test is identical to the ANOVA (row means scores) CMH statistic when the analysis uses rank scores (SCORES=RANK). The three-way table uses subject (or subject group) as the stratifying variable, treatment as the row variable, and response as the column variable. PROC FREQ handles ties by assigning midranks to tied response values. If there are multiple subjects per treatment in each block, the ANOVA CMH statistic is a generalization of Friedman's test.

For further reading on the Friedman test, please consult the list on our reference page4.


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