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Grape seed extract information page

Grape seed extract helps to protect cells from the damage caused by oxidation and free radicals and also promotes healthy circulation.


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Procyanidolic oligomers - grape seed extract grape seed extract skin ligtening properties

It is beneficial in treating degenerative and deteriorating diseases because of the potent antioxidant qualities it has. More information on free radicals please click here.

Some expensive supplements, derived from pine bark, contain 85% proanthocyanidin while grapeseed extract contains 95% proanthocyanidin.

It helps increase the effectiveness of vitamin C by acting as a carrier and as a restorer of oxidized vitamin C by working with glutathione.

These nutrients belong to the flavonoid family. The action of this nutrient is to act as an antioxidant and stabilize collagen and elastin while boosting the fibroblast (where cells are formed) - both important proteins in connective tissues, as well as blood vessels, muscles and the skin. 

Apart from this, the oral intake of grape seed extract has also proven to have sun protective qualities on the skin, helping to protect the skin from damage caused by UV radiation. REFERENCES

Although they are not essential nutrients to the body they do have a part to play in achieving optimum health.

These nutrients are water-soluble and free of side effects since excess is simply excreted in the urine. Another positive effect of these flavonoids in the body is the sparing of consumption of vitamin C.

PCO help with increasing intra cellular vitamin C levels, decreasing capillary permeability and fragility, scavenges oxidants and free radicals and uniquely binds to collagen in order to protect it from destruction.

Free radicals grape seed extract skin ligtening properties

These nutrients are also helpful as anti-inflammatory, antihistamines, and anti-allergens and are very effective free radical scavengers. They possess up to 50 times stronger antioxidant activity than those of vitamin C and E, Beta Carotene or Selenium.

They are great to promote tissue elasticity, healing injuries, reducing swelling, edema, as well as improving circulation.

With all of these properties it is clear to see that it is great for anti-aging and anti-disease treatment. Daily intake of these nutrients, as well as other antioxidants, will help with preventing premature aging, diseases and decay.

It has also been reported that it is helpful in fighting varicose veins as well as high blood pressure and diabetes. In certain individuals vision improved as well as general well-being.

Lightening skin pigmentation due to UV radiation grape seed extract skin ligtening properties

In a study on guinea pigs, the oral intake of grapeseed extract showed to have a marked lightening effect on the skin where the skin had pigmentation induced by ultra violet rays - like those of the sun. In this study, a control was kept with some of the other guinea pigs being given vitamin C instead - but they did not show and reduced pigmentation - therefore - it can be concluded that it is not the antioxidant effect that resulted in the skin lightening, but was due to anther pathway. CLINICAL REFERENCE

Lightening of hormone induced skin pigmentation grape seed extract skin ligtening properties

Melasma is common in pregnant women, and those taking contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It is also prevalent in men and women of Native American descent (on the forearms) and in men and women of German/Russian Jewish descent (on the face). Melasma are dark, irregular patches often found on the upper cheek, nose, lips, upper lip, and forehead and normally develop over time and does not cause any other symptoms beyond this cosmetic discoloration.

In this one year study on 12 Japanese women it was shown that grape seed extract has a lightening effect on melasma and effectively reduced hyper-pigmentation and that final results were achieved after 6 months of intake. CLINICAL REFERENCE

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