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OystaCal organic calcium supplement

Our calcium supplement is made from oyster shells, which is organic and natural and extremely bio-available to the body - and it is therefore extremely well absorbed.

To this we added vitamin D to promote even better absorption of the calcium and to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the calcium and to satisfy the absorption criteria - and 2 tablets provides 125% of your Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of calcium. Two tablets contain 1,000 mg of "elemental calcium"

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   $19.00 for 60 capsules

  ZAR 75.00 for 60 capsules

Each two tablets contains 2,500 mg calcium carbonate per 2 tablets (125% of RDA) plus 500 IU Vitamin D.

Added to the organic calcium from oyster shells (which is highly bio-available to the body) we added Vitamin D to improve the absorption of the calcium.

Calcium is an essential mineral for the diet of all humans, and is especially important for women, but not exclusively so. This humble mineral is involved in many body functions - teeth, bone, muscles, mood - to name only a few.

Some organic oyster shells may contain heavy metals. Our shells do NOT contain heavy metals and the calcium has been purified - so there is no danger of heavy metal contamination.

Start using our OystaCal formula today to assist in preventing a host of health problems and to ensure continued vitality.

Why you benefit from this formula natural organic calcium supplement

A deficiency of calcium can result in a host of problems:

Calcium information

Vitamin D info natural organic calcium supplement

  • Vitamin D helps with increasing the absorption of calcium, assists in bone growth and the integrity of bone and promotes strong teeth. It also helps regulate the amount of phosphorus in the body as well as assisting in a healthy heart and nervous system.
  • Vitamin D has been shown in recent studies to have great promise in assisting psoriasis as well as you immune system, thyroid function as well as normal blood clotting.

Calcium deficiency natural organic calcium supplement

Symptoms and signs of calcium deficiency natural organic calcium supplement

There are many indications that your body may have a deficiency could include some of these:



Two tablets daily, preferably with meals.

Customer reviews natural organic calcium supplement

Buying our OystaCal calcium tablets natural organic calcium supplement

Click Here to BUY:

   $19.00 for 60 capsules

  ZAR 75.00 for 60 capsules


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