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Preventing stretch marks - striae

The easiest way to get rid of stretch marks are to prevent them from forming in the first place. Preventing stretch marks can have a very good success rate - be that for prevention in pregnancy, rapid growth, bodybuilding or obesity.

preventing stretch marks


stretch marks striae formed in rapid growth
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Preventing stretch marks

The most common skin disorder experienced by women is stretch marks. Although pregnant women run a 70% risk of these marks forming, men and women can have them appear in puberty when boys and girls go through "rapid growth spurts" and body building enthusiasts also run a great risk of them forming. REFERENCE 1

To understand the problem, we must realize that these "stretch marks" are actually where the dermis of the skin is torn.

The dermis is a layer of skin found between the epidermis and hypodermis. The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin and the hypodermis (also called the hypoderm, superficial tissue and subcutaneous tissue) is the bottom layer of the skin, containing fibroblasts, adipose cells, and macrophages.

herbal stretch mark gel

Types of striae prevent stretch marks prevent striae

Striae – the medical term for this problem – are normally red-mauve marks, with the marks having a satiny puckered crepe paper look, and may also be slightly swollen in some cases.

As they age, the red-mauve color normally fades to white but will have a silvery look to it, and will be very soft to the touch - as the skin support is compromised.

There are different types of stretch marks and the medical fraternity refers to striae gravidarum (in pregnancy), striae atrophicae, vergetures, stria distensae, striae cutis distensae, lineae atrophicae, striae distensae and linea albicante.

When we refer to striae – we refer to any stretch marks in general.

The width of these marks varies a lot (from 1 mm – 14 mm and in some cases even wider) and can be short thin marks covering a large area, or can be long, broad, and very pertinent stretch marks.

Stretch marks can appear on the abdomen, breasts, underarm, upper arms, thighs, hips, back and buttocks.

Medical view of striae

Although these unsightly marks do not carry any significant health risks it can affect the psychological well being of the patient, and also influence self-esteem.

This is particularly true in adolescents where peer pressure and self-actualization is important – and sufferers will not feel comfortable to let other people see these marks. Feelings of inferiority and resultant depression are not uncommon. REFERENCE 59

In most cases, the people affected with very noticeable stretch marks will not be seen in swim wear, and will also dress in such a way as to hide these marks at all times.

herbal stretch mark gel

Although the marks do fade with time and become less obvious, a person may look to using a well formulated topical treatment for stretch marks – like our herbal Ageless Stretch Mark Gel.

The herbal ingredients (phytolastil) of our gel have been clinically tested to help in preventing stretch marks and also to improve the appearance of already formed marks.

Phytolastil in the treatment of weals of gravid origin., Chastrusse L, Soumireu-Mourat J, Ambonville C, Hourcabie J., J Gynecol Obstet Biol Reprod (Paris). 1976 Sep;5(6):848-9.

How are stretch marks formed prevent stretch marks prevent striae

When you have excessive stretching of the skin, be that during rapid growth, pregnancy, muscle and body building, obesity etc. the skin needs to stretch in order to accommodate the increase in size.

When this increase in stretching is more than what the dermis can handle, or if the elasticity of the dermis is not right, the dermis will simply tear (cause splits) to accommodate the increased size.

Stretch marks do not simply appear spontaneously – the skin must be under stress for it to happen, and the health of the collagen is of prime importance. REFERENCE 7

This is further underscored by looking at people suffering from Marfan syndrome – a medical condition where patient’s collagen is also affected. REFERENCE 24 – 41

Collagen and elastin gives density, firmness, support and form to our skin, and when in good shape, the skin will be healthy and smooth.

The importance of healthy collagen and elastin in the skin has been well documented as being a deciding factor if stretch marks will form or not. The presence of excessive cortisol also seems to play a factor in the incidence rate of stretch marks.

herbal stretch mark gel

Glucocorticoid, cortisol and hydrocortisone causing stretch marks

When these compounds are present in the body, the possibility of striae forming is increased due to the collagen being under attack.

This is particularly true when the glucocorticoid hormone prevents the fibroblast to form collagen and elastin. REFERENCE 8 - 11

The presence of excessive cortisol in the body is also a major influencing factor in the formation of stretch marks, as it influences the collagen and elastin structure of the skin. REFERENCE 83 + 84

This can be clearly seen with people suffering from Cushing’s syndrome. REFERENCE 12 – 23

When excessive hydrocortisone is present in pregnancy stretch marks are also more likely to form. REFERENCE 51

Stretch marks in pregnancy prevent stretch marks prevent striae

As mentioned, about 70% of pregnant women may suffer from these marks and they normally start to appear in the 25th week of pregnancy. REFERENCE 2

In a study it was found that the age of pregnant women is important – as older women developed less striae than younger women. The weight of the women also had an impact and pregnant mothers that had increased Body Mass Index (BMI) also had more stretch marks. REFERENCE 3, 60, 61, 68 + 75

Consuming alcohol was also a factor and even the amount of water taken daily was checked.

The release of relaxin hormone during pregnancy also seems to play a part in the formation of striae. REFERENCE 63 - 67

A 92% success rate in the prevention of stretch marks in pregnancy was achieved in the clinical trial on the phytolastil herbal extracts used in our Ageless Stretch Mark Gel - which is totally safe for use during pregnancy.

herbal stretch mark gel

Rapid growth causing stretch marks

When children experience very rapid growth – even if obesity is not present – they do run the risk of developing stretch marks. This is because the skin does not keep pace with the growth rate of the rest of the body – and then causes stretch marks. REFERENCE 52 - 58 + 76 - 78

Our Ageless Stretch Mark Gel may be of help in this case as it helps to boost collagen manufacture and assists the elastin in the skin as well.

Body building and muscle building causing stretch marks prevent stretch marks prevent striae

People that do body building run a risk of stretch marks forming and various factors could influence it. Since the "bulking" in muscle building normally requires excessive exercising, the cortisol level in the body can increase. This in turn can contribute to stretch marks forming.

To help prevent this from happening, a topical treatment like our Ageless Stretch Mark Gel with herbal phytolastil can be used.

Phytolastil in the treatment of weals of gravid origin., Chastrusse L, Soumireu-Mourat J, Ambonville C, Hourcabie J., J Gynecol Obstet Biol Reprod (Paris). 1976 Sep;5(6):848-9.

Body builders must also take note that injecting anabolic steroids will also increase the possibility of stretch marks forming on the skin. REFERENCE 59 + 79 - 82

herbal stretch mark gel

Obese patients and stretch marks

Although stretch marks in morbidly obese patients are due to the skin’s dermis not being able to handle the extensive stretching, and then causing striae, it was also noted that people with a BMI of 30 – 40 also had more trans-dermal water loss. REFERENCE 50

Removal of stretch marks

When you look around, thousands of products promise to remove and get rid of stretch marks.

NO topical cream, gel, oil, lotion or balm will totally remove already formed stretch marks. That is the plain truth.

Even medical laser intervention is not always very successful, and it is really only surgical removal by a very well qualified plastic surgeon that would remove stretch marks.

Since many companies target pregnant mothers to sell their "stretch mark preventing remedies" – a study was done on various such stretch mark treatments.

These studies found that the application of cocoa butter, olive oil and other moisturizing oils did NOT reduce the incidence of stretch marks being formed during pregnancy and it also did NOT reduce the appearance of already formed stretch marks. REFERENCE 4 - 6

The cocoa butter and oils moisturized the skin, and the striae looked better since the dry scaly look of the stretch marks were not visible with the butter or oil on the skin. This however did not have a lasting effect.

herbal stretch mark gel

Some people have had mixed results with the application of tretinoin cream (Retin A) to stretch marks - and while a 0.1% cream had some effect, a 0.025% cream had no effect. REFERENCE 76 + 77

Other studies however proved that a cream or gel containing centella, vitamin E and collagen-elastin hydrosates helped to prevent stretch marks and also improved the aesthetics of old already formed stretch marks. REFERENCE 42 - 49

Our herbal Ageless Stretch Mark Gel with herbal phytolastil (including centella) will improve the way stretch marks look and a clinical trial on the ingredients proved it.

The gel has a 92% success rate in the prevention of stria in pregnancy, 52-86% curative action during pregnancy and 57% success on stretch marks after delivery - our clients with old stretch marks report a marked improvement in the way their old marks look after treatment.

Phytolastil in the treatment of weals of gravid origin., Chastrusse L, Soumireu-Mourat J, Ambonville C, Hourcabie J., J Gynecol Obstet Biol Reprod (Paris). 1976 Sep;5(6):848-9.

Hiding your stretch marks prevent stretch marks prevent striae

Some people believe that sun tanning makes it look better, but it is a very temporary solution, as it just make them go a bit red, and after the sun induced redness disappears, they will go back to their original colorless state.

It would not be a good idea to suntan – as the striae itself has no melanin – and sun tanning may cause DNA damage in the skin as it has no melanin for protection.

Supplements to help prevent stretch marks

The body requires vitamin C (ascorbic acid) for collagen formation – and without it, the fibroblast cannot synthesize healthy collagen or elastin, so it may be a good idea to ensure that you get enough vitamin C, as the body cannot manufacture it.

Taking a supplement when pregnant may also be of use, but please discuss this with your medical practitioner and gynecologist.

It is recommended to take oral zinc (as picolinate) - 45 to 50 mg daily, Vitamin C - more than 1,000 mg daily and pyridoxal 5-phosphate - 50 mg daily as well as multivitamin and mineral supplements and essential fatty oils from flaxseed oil. There also seems to be benefit in taking vitamin B6 with the zinc in the prevention of striae. REFERENCE 85

herbal stretch mark gel

Our herbal Ageless Stretch Mark Gel prevent stretch marks prevent striae

Our treatment gel contains phenolic compounds, flavonoids, amino acids, soluble organic silicon, saponosids, bio-minerals and allantoins - AND CAN SAFELY BE USED IN PREGNANCY.

It is formulated with Centella, Calendula, Ginseng, Butcher’s broom, Chickweed, Green tea, Hibiscus, Horsetail, Ivy, Lady’s mantle and Marshmallow.

Benefits of the herbs used in our gel

Hereby a short summary of the benefits of each herb:

  • Centella
    • The compounds in centella stimulated the fibroblast - therefore improving the collagen and elastin in the skin, by boosting collagen formation and restoring skin firmness and elasticity. The triterpenes fix amino acids (alanine and proline) to the collagen structure and also improves circulation and skin elasticity, and prevents collagenase. More info...
  • Calendula
    • Is superb with skin rejuvenation and regeneration, healing of wounds, reducing inflammation while softening the skin and at the same time re-mineralizing the skin with the oligoelements it contains. The carotenoids contained in calendula boost re-epithelizing of the skin which is a great help for healing any skin ailment. More info...
  • Ginseng
    • As it stimulates protein synthesis in the skin ginseng helps to prevent collagen destruction and also inhibits fibroblast degradation in the skin - increasing tensile strength of the skin and stimulating skin growth. More info...
  • Butcher's broom
    • It has excellent anti-inflammatory action and the stimulation of the capillaries and butcher’s broom also helps with lymph functioning and increases the tone of blood vessels. More info...
  • Chickweed
    • Apart from protecting the skin cells against tissue degeneration chickweed also helps to sooth and calms the skin. More info...
  • Green tea
    • As an antioxidant, green tea prevents oxidative stress from free radicals and also helps prevent collagenase (the breaking down of collagen in the skin) and tones the skin with its astringent properties, while boosting cell regeneration and promoting a healthy elastic skin. More info...
  • Hibiscus
    • It improves the cohesion of the skin and helps the skin to increase moisture and skin thickness. That results in a more elastic and flexible skin. Furthermore, hibiscus helps to prevent elastase and hyaluronidase - so it helps to prevent the destruction of elastin as well as hyaluronic acid. More info...
  • Horsetail
    • Since it aids in re-mineralization of the skin with natural silica it improves skin firmness and elasticity as well as cell rejuvenation and regeneration. The Commission E (Germany) (the German counterpart of the US FDA) approved horsetail for its tissue repair action. More info...
  • Ivy
    • It helps to protect the elastin fibers in the skin and ivy promotes better circulation as well as acting as a carrier agent for other ingredients - thereby increasing absorption. More info...
  • Lady's mantle
    • This herb helps to protect the elastin and lady’s mantle also prevents the breakdown of elastin while increasing skin elasticity and the tensile strength of the skin. More info...
  • Marshmallow
    • This helps with any type of wound repair and boosts the skin at cellular level by containing cellular oxidation. Marshmallow also protects hyaluronic acid and thereby increases skin moisture and improves the skin structure. More info...

Our unique Ageless formula is superior to other "phytolastil" products – as they only contain 3 herbal extracts

  • Lady’s mantle
  • Ivy
  • Horsetail

Our very effective formula contains those 3 herbal extracts, but for added effectiveness our researchers added 9 more herbal ingredients to make our formulation “a class of its own”.

Thousands of happy clients over more than a decade stand testament to the wonderful results we get to prevent stretch marks from forming and also improving the appearance of old stretch marks.

herbal stretch mark gel

Using our Ageless Stretch Mark Gel prevent stretch marks prevent striae

Our gel is water based and easily absorbed – leaving no oily residue or tackiness on the skin.

Apply the gel twice day to the affected area.

If using it to help reduce the appearance of old stretch marks, improvement will be noted after 30 days of daily application – and the full results seen after about three months.

Closing notes

There are NO miracle cures to totally remove old stretch marks – it is physically impossible.

buying our stretch mark gel

Newly formed blemishes respond better than old ones, but all marks can look better with proper treatment.

Should you have very bad old stretch marks, our effective gel will NOT remove the marks, but it WILL improve the appearance of these old stretch marks.

After treating old stretch marks the appearance will greatly improve, but if you again gain excessive weight or become pregnant the marks may become more prominent once more.

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    • Although nothing can remove already formed stretch marks (only surgery can do that) – thousands of satisfied clients confirm that this gel improves the appearance of old stretch marks. The gel will help in PREVENTING stretch marks (a 92% success rate) and is used with great success by expectant mothers and body builders who may form marks when bulking-up. The formula of this gel is based on clinical studies done in France, to which we added other herbal extracts.


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